1. What is the B.Ed. Curriculum resources hub?

The B.Ed  Curriculum resources hub is a repository of the resources generated through the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) to support Ghana’s B.Ed. Degree programmes. It is designed for tutors and student teachers to access the materials they need to teach and learn.

2. How can tutors benefit from the resource hub?

The resources hub contains B.Ed curricula across all specialism areas course manuals and relevant professional development materials for use by tutors. Tutors can also create learning materials for student teachers and own this content long-term.

3.   How can student teachers benefit from the resources hub?

The resources hub presents student teachers the opportunity to access best practice resources from across five universities implementing the B.Ed programme.

4.   What criteria are used by NCTE to select materials for the resource hub?

To ensure that materials loaded unto the resource hub are of the highest standard, NCTE has established a robust quality assurance mechanism for use by Heads of Departments in Colleges of Education. These benchmarks take into account best practices in instructional design, content, technical design, gender, and ethical considerations.

5.   Can tutors share materials on the resources hub?

Yes. Tutors can create and share resources for student teachers’ use provided it meets the benchmark set by the NCTE

6.   Who can use the resources hub?

Though designed with tutors and student teachers in mind, anybody who finds materials on the site useful is free to use them.

7.   How different is the resources hub from colleges and universities’ virtual learning platforms?

The resource hub does not duplicate the virtual learning structures of colleges and universities. It rather enhances these efforts by providing key materials that student teachers and tutors need to teach and learn.

8.   Which virtual learning platforms are connected to the resources hub?

Virtual learning platforms of all the five public universities and their affiliate colleges of education have been hooked to the resource hub.

9.   Will materials on the resources hub be updated?

Yes. Materials on the microsite will be updated as and when it becomes necessary

10.   Has the resources hub been zero-rated by any telecommunication network?

The resources hub is currently zero-rated and comes with no internet charge.

11.   Do materials on the resources hub meet inclusive e-learning standards?

Yes. Materials have been carefully crafted to meet the needs of all learners.

12.   Can I use resources from any university?

Yes. The resource hub has been designed to foster collaboration so student teachers and tutors are encouraged to look up materials from across universities that they find useful. However, it is important to note that there are university-specific materials as well.

13.   I am neither a tutor nor a student teacher; can I use the materials here?

Yes. All materials on the resource hub are open and anybody who finds a resource useful is free to use them.

14.   I cannot find what I am looking for? How can you help me?

If you are unable to locate a material on the resource hub after using the search engine, kindly chat with a user support representative for assistance.

15.   How does the resources hub foster collaboration in teacher education?

The resource hub enables tutors and student teachers to access “best practice” materials from across all universities.

16. I need you to guide me! Where do I start?

When visiting as a tutor or student teacher, click on your University of affiliation, select your specialism, year and semester in that order.

17. How can I download materials on the resources hub?

Select the material(s) you would want to download. Word documents download automatically(check your download folder) while PDFs would require you select to download. Short cut keys on a computer or laptop (CMD/CTRL + S)

18. I cannot find any material under my year section. Why?

If you see no content under your specialism, year or semester group, then it means those resources are yet to be uploaded. You are encouraged to keep an eye on the hub by frequenting the site.

19. Do I need a user name and password to access the resources hub?

No. You do not need user logins. All resources are available for use and also easily downloadable.

20. Is the resources hub an online learning platform?

No. the resources hub is not an online learning platform. It is only a repository to provide essential educational content for Teaching and Learning.

21. When do I need user support?

On-site users of the resources hub can chat live with an agent for navigational assistance in locating educational materials.